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Whatever your storage needs, the chances are you’ll find a solution at Carolina Mini Storage.


Personal Storage
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Personal Storage

There are hundreds of reasons why people opt for self-storage for personal use, the most common of which include:


  • To simply free up space in your home.

  • Storage for all or part of your personal possessions while you move or are between houses.

  • When moving from a large home to a smaller one.

  • To keep personal clutter out of your home while you are trying to sell it.

  • To help with space as a family expands.

  • To keep valuable and personal items secure while taking an extended holiday if you’re renting out your home while away.

  • To keep collections and memorabilia in one place.

  • To store seasonal items such as garden furniture or tools if you don’t have a dry place or space to keep them at home.

  • To store clothes on a seasonal basis – i.e. your winter wardrobe is in storage in summer and changed for your summer wardrobe in winter.

  • As a storage space for recreational vehicles when not in use – these can include boats, motor homes, caravans, motorcycles and cars.

  • For students to store their personal possessions during holiday periods when they have to move off campus. Students also take up self-storage units after graduation before they decide where they will ultimately move.

  • As temporary storage for personal items while decorating.

  • To store sports equipment and bulky leisure items such as surfboards or windsurfers, either on a seasonal or permanent basis.                                     


With no minimum rental periods and flexible notice periods, self-storage is a quick, cheap and effective solution for your short-term personal needs when compared to more traditional storage methods.

Commercial storage, file storage
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Commercial Storage


Self-storage is not only an ideal solution for your average individual or family but can also work extremely well for businesses of all sizes. As the self-storage industry has evolved, so has its range of services, which can be utilized by business users to help them operate more cost-effectively.


Self-storage is a great solution for all types and sizes of businesses. Whether you’re looking to store because you’re expanding too fast or want to cutback on your normal office and warehousing commitments for short periods, then you’ll probably find an answer in self-storage. It’s proved to be such a successful business logistics solution that an increasing number of businesses have cut back their office space to a bare operating minimum and are using self-storage to keep everything that isn’t needed on a daily basis in one place with easy access.


Businesses opt for self-storage for various reasons, the most common of which is the need to free up or to cut down on expensive office space, for use as a small-scale warehouse, distribution service or as an archive.


The most common uses for businesses include:

  • Archiving documents, files and paperwork.

  • Freeing up office space by storing items that aren’t needed on a daily basis.

  • Storing office furniture and equipment.

  • Storing stock, either full-time or on a seasonal basis.

  • Storing office equipment and files during a move.

  • As a small-scale distribution center.

  • As a store for excess stock, reps’ sales samples and display or exhibition equipment

  • Storing office supplies, allowing businesses to buy in bulk and gain discounts.


The use of self-storage for archiving has proved very popular across various business areas, including:

  • Law

  • Accountancy

  • Architecture

  • Doctors

  • Finance

  • Chemists

  • Sales organizations



automobile storage, boat storage, RV storage

Automobiles, Motorcycles, Boats & RV Storage

Carolina Mini Storage doesn’t only offer solutions for storing standard items, but can also be a cost effective and secure way of storing recreational vehicles, boats or vehicles in general.  This solution will suit virtually any type of recreational vehicle and is generally used most for the following:


  • RVs

  • Caravans

  • Trailers

  • Motor homes

  • Boats

  • Cars

  • Motorcycles


Many consumers just don’t have the space to park such recreational vehicles at home or local government regulations may prohibit them from doing so. RV/Boat self-storage is an ideal solution – these types of recreational vehicle cost a lot of money and self-storage will help you keep them safe for those times when you don’t need to use them.


Uhaul rentals, truck rentals, trailer rentals
Uhaul Trucks and Trailers

Carolina Mini Storage not only offers you storage, we also have partnered with U-Haul so we can provide you with the means to transport your belongings  to and from our storage facility, or to transport your belongings out of town to a different destination.  We became a U-Haul dealer for your convenience so we can be YOUR one-stop-shop.  Call our office during business hours for a reservation or go to to make a reservation 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.


Need assistance using your U-Haul rental equipment?  Click here for helpful U-Haul tutorials.




moving boxes, packing supplies

Boxes and Packing Supplies

Your One-Stop-Shop!!  We also have a variety of boxes and other packing supplies.  For a successful stowing experience, proper preparation should be considered, and our storage experts can help you sort through the options and choose the best materials that will keep your valuable belongings in great condition.


  • Boxes- Small, Medium, Large

  • Specialty Boxes- Wardrobe, Dish

  • Packing Tape and Dispensers

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Wrapping Paper (10 lb box)

  • Mattress Covers- Twin, Full, Queen, King

  • Gloves

  • Disc Locks

  • Utility knife

  • ........and More


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